Shelf Companies

Josefine, Jenny R

A shelf company is a new registered company. Therefore, purchasing a shelf company enables an immediate start of business operations.

When purchasing our shelf companies you receive all the help you need with the initial corporate administration and registration. This will give you more time to plan the start-up of your business. We guarantee a correct and secure foundation for your company.

How do I order?

The order is placed in our electronical system which can be found in the main menu here on our website ("Log in"). If you are not registered as a customer with us, please sign up at "New client" in the main menu.

Do not hesitate to contact you if you have any questions about the order or service in general.

How does it work?

After the order has been completed Servando review the information. We also review the suggested company name against public register to check if there is any obstacle for registering the namne.

After receiving a complete order we immediately send a certificate of registration and shortly we will send you all corporate documents including power of attorney to open a bank account.

When we have received all the documents in return, signed and in original, together with the bankcertificat that show that the share capital has been paid a general power of attorney is issued giving you full rights to act on behalf of the company.

At the same time we will send the registration form to the Swedish Companies Registration Office to change the details of your new company in accordance with your order. Servando monitors the status of the assignment and will handle all contacts with the authorities.

After a completed registration we will send you a complete corporate folder containing the corporate documents in printed as well as electronical form.


Servando's routines guarantees a professional process. All our shelf companies are founded by us through a cash payment of the share capital to the bank account of the company. We also guarantee that the company is founded in accordance with Swedish legislation, that the company has not operated any business, that no debts exist and that the company at the time of the purchase has an intact share capital in its bank account. 

If you wish, we can issue all corporate documents in English for an additional fee. We can also act as agent for service of process if the company lacks the necessary representation in Sweden as well as act as registered address for the company. You can read more about these services under the section for administrative management. 

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