Registration of corporate taxation and fees


Servando can assist you to obtain registration for taxes and fees such as corporate registration and VAT for your company.

Why tax registration?

Corporate registration is a sign of quality, demonstrating for external stakeholders that the company is registered with the tax authorities and pays its taxes etc. Without such registration, services provided by the company can be issued to employer's contribution (for national social security purposes) and tax deductions. We recommend everyone to apply for corporate registration upon purchase of a shelf company.

A majority of all businesses are required to pay VAT on the goods and services they provide and this requires registration. An obligation to pay VAT is followed by a right to deduct VAT from purchases in the company. In the start-up of a business expenditures usually come first. Therefore, an immediate registration is advisable because it enables lower costs related to purchases. Servando can help you with the questions you might have regarding the registration with tax rates, accounting methods and periods etc.

A company with employees must also register as an employer to live up to requirements of employer's contribution and make tax deductions.

How do I order?

We strongly recommend that you tax register immediately at the start of the company. The service is normally ordered together with ordering a shelf company in our management system.