It is not in all liquidation situation that a fast liquidation is an alternative because of capital size, history, internal rules or other facts. In these cases we can assist you in a voluntary liquidation where you as owner remain during the liquidation period.

How does it work?

In these liquidation assignments, Servando responds for the legal liquidation management with liquidator and the preparation of decision and registration documents as well as handling all contacts with the authorities. The service also includes preparations of final accounts.

The service is a shared assignments between us and you as a former represetative. As a previous owner, you remain the owner of the company during the liquidation period as well as the company's administrative management with accounting, financial statements, payments etc.

Servando can also in the termination mission respond to the administrative management during the liquidation period, which means that the assignments then resemle a fast liquidation, except that the ownership is unchanged during liquidation and that the company's assets are changed only after usually eight months. 

How do I order?

Send your request to and attach a copy of the current company's latest annual report and a current balance sheet and income statement report. Please specify if you want assist with the administration, or if you want a comparative offer for fast liquidation, in addiction to the liquidation itself.