Fast liquidation


Servando acquires dormant companies for the purpose of fast liquidation under our supervision. You as an owner will thereby immediately receive the value of the company in cash payment.

Fast liquidation is a very efficient settlement method that is quick and usually do not cost more than a year of management of a dormant company. This makes it possible for many people to choose this settlement method in front of others or continued ownershio of a dormant company with its associated running costs. Servando guarantees that the company is liquidated, which is the most permantent and safest method of settlement for you as a previous owner and officials.

How does it work?

Servando immediately requests a complete offer with instruction for the specific company and general instructions on how a assignment is made in all its steps - from start to finish. Servando provides you with a list of the documents that need to be handed over and constantly drive the assignment forward as fast and efficient completion and acquistion as possible. 

Liquidation is always initiated immediately after acquistion and you receive the decision and registation information that liquidation has been decided and new officers have been appointed and replaced the previous.

The fee for the service includes all aspects of acquisition, liquidation, providing a liquidator, payment of registration fees, management of accounting and financial statements and the declaration and funding of the audit. The purchase price for the company will be slightly lower than its value, see separate price list.

How do I order?

Send your request to with a copy of the current company's latest annual report, together with a current balance sheet and income statement report. We will directly send you a complete offer.

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