Company changes


A company may need to change a number of basic registrations during its lifetime. We help you with the decision and registration of the desired change, either as a company service at a fixed price or in a project together with a lawyer to a current account price.

Sometimes there is a need to change company details such as company name, description of business operations, the composition of the board, company officials, financial year etc. This requires that decisions are taken in accordance with Swedish legislation and it also requires registration.

How does it work?

Servando can assist you with drawing up the necessary documents, answer questions you might have about the process, handle the communication with the authorities and monitor the process of the registrations.

Most changes are within our corporate services at fixed prices, which requires a simplified decision-making (per capsulam), a few owners and that we receive complete information.

For more complex changes, for example, when introducing A and B shares or preference shares with advanced calculations of its difference, or when decisions need to be made by convening and implementing a physical general meeting, Servando tailor-made a project and solution, which is charged on a current basis.

How do I order?

For more information or if you wish to order this service you can call us on +46 (8) 545 66 130 or send an email.

A list of all change services for fixed fees can be found under the price list.

Download information about the service