Capital Changes


Contribution of new capital can be made in several different ways through different kinds of issue of shares and shareholder's contribution. The share capital can also be reduced to cover deficits or reimbursment to the shareholders. Regardless of the situation Servando assist you with the necessary administration and registration.

An issue means that the company's share capital is increased, which can be done in several different ways; through cash payment (new issue of shares), through transfer of profits (bonus issue),  payment through assets (non-cash issue) and finally issue in which debt is converted against shares (issue by way of set-off).

Emissions can be made to current shareholders, directed to some of them or directed to external non-former owners. An issue can be made to the shares' quota value or a value in addition (share premium reserv).

Another form of capital contribution is shareholders contribution where the contribution from one or more shareholders adds to the company's free equity. A shareholders´ contribution may be conditional (with prepayment right) and unconditional.

If you have a share capital exceeding 50 000 SEK, it is possible to reduce it to this minimum level. Such reduction is usually made to reimburse the shareholders or to cover a loss. The processes and documentation vary somewhat depending on the purpose of the reduction. Servando can assist you with the correct documentation, monitoring time limits and registration. We can also provide advice relating to the different alternatives for reducing the share capital relating to for example taxation matters, to help you choose the method most suitable for your situation.

How does it work?

For smaller companies with a few shareholders who is available a simplified decision-making is possible. The service can then be done at a fixed price according to current price list. We provide advice and help you through a correct process with necessary documentation and administration for the registration as well as acting as a representative toward the authorities.

In other situations, for example, a larger ownership circle, public companies etc an individual assignment is tailored on a current accpunt price. In these cases the issue often coinciding with the Annual General Meeting. In these cases it is common for us to take an advisory and investigative role as well as project management from the beginning at last.

How do I order?

The Service is ordered via email to or by calling us on +46(0)8-545 66 130.