Servando helps foreign companies to register a branch in Sweden as an alternative to managing business through, for example subsidiaries.

All foreign companies have the opportunity to register a branch in Sweden for the operation of the Swedish business. It is imperative that the branch will have a registered CEO.

How does it work?

After an inquiry we will contact you directly with a list of questions to obtain all necessary information about the intended branch and the foreign principal company. Servando prepares all the necessary documents for registration in English and promptly provides our customers with the documents for them to sign and return.

Servando handles all contact with the Swedish Companies Registration Office for registration. We guarantee an efficient, accurate registration where we are only a phone call away, for any kind of queries. We can also provide contacts to other actors of the branch's future operations and administration in Sweden if desired, eg in accounting, auditing, tax or other.

Servando can also help to change the registration of existing branches and also deregister them.

How do I order?

Send an inquiry to and we will return immediately with a list of questions to start gathering information.