Share register

Josefine, Kerstin

The shares in a company are a key instrument thats is why it is important to have control over the shareholders´register. Shareholders´register is also the key to an effective ownership and management of the company, which Servando can help you acihive.

This service is suitable for companies where there are several owners and a broad and public shareholder base.

Different shares

Servando assists in the introduction of different classes of shares, such as A and B shares with different voting rights or preference shares with different rights to the company's profit.

When expanding the ownership circle or obtaining venture capital, it may be effective with different voting rights between different owners, such as founder and later external financiers. In other contexts, there may also be different rights for owners of the company's profits and dividends based on, for example, part of the results achieved.

Servando helps to introduce desired and optimal shares with decisions, change of articles of association, share reconciliation, issues, shareholders´register update, registration and project management.

Management of shareholders´register

Servando can also assist in updating, investigating or managing the shareholders´register. Having a correct and updated share register is central when it comes to attendance at general meetings, dividends or whether the company is to be sold. The company's board is required to keep the share register and we assist the board in investigating the historical ownership or managing the share register and constantly presenting a current underlying change also documented.

Share certificate

We may be advised to obtain share certificates if a physical certificate is required or desired for the shares and, as appropriate, also contribute to the killing of lost securities.

Each assignment is customized according to the customer's wishes and needs and is charged on a current acount at SEK 1 400 per hour.