Share Holders Agreement


A shareholder agreement can provide a good protection for you who owns a company and it is a good instrument for the shareholders to jointly determine guidelines in important matters. Servando help you make an individual agreement for your company.

The articles of association provide the basic regulatory for a limited liability company. However, it is often useful to supplement  the base with a shareholder agreement. A shareholder agreement is not registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, unlike the articles of association, and therefore not public.

A shareholder agreement is an agreement between the owners about how the company should be controlled and ruled. The company itself is not a party to the agreement and therefore not bound by it.

We provide a services that suites smaller companies with a few owners to get an individually customized shareholder agreement.

The process

The process begins with a meeting between the owners and Servando's lawyer in order to obtain information and make review of the areas who is to be governed by the agreement as well as owners' attitude on these matters.

Then a draft of the agreement is made. At a final meeting between the owners and Servando's lawyer possible adjustment of the agreement can be discussed and after the meeting Servando delivers the final agreement.

The agreement is important, but perhaps the dialogue between the owners is often the most important thing. To discuss issues that is not on the evrey day agenda and have a prospective approch is often valuable to run a successful company.

Servando applies a fixed price of SEK 19 900 excluding VAT per agreement.

How do I order?

The Service is ordered via email to or by calling us on +46(0)8-545 66 130.