Registration to public or VPC Company


In a company's growth phase it may be necessary to change compnay catagory from a private to a public company or VPC company. We will help you meet the requirements and make the necessary registrations.

The process

As a company's grows and the numder of shareholders increases it may be appropriate to change the company's category and re-register the company to a public company or VPC company.

A public company has other requirements compared to the private, where the share capital must be at least SEK 500,000 and the board must consist of at least three members.The company also needs a CEO and at least one auditor. In addition, the articles of association muste state that the company is public, often made by addition of "Publ" in the company namne.

For a VPC company it is necessary to include in the articles of association that the company is just a VPC company which means that its shares are registered with a securities depository, usually Euroclear Sweden AB.

Servando will assist you in the process and ensuring that the requirements are fulfilled through the preparation of a new or edited articles of association that adopts by a the general meeting and then registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

For those companies that wish to register their shares at Euroclear, we also help with the entire registration process.

Each assignment is designed according to your wishes and needs and is charged on a

How do I order?

The Service is ordered via email to or by calling us on +46(0)8-545 66 130.