General Meetings

Josefine, Jenny R

Servando assists you with the entire chain from notice and advertising to the implementation and preparation of minutes for general meetings in public companies or other companies with a larger ownership circle.

A general meeting is the owner's instrument for managing the company and taking important decisions about, for example, business, functionaries, issues or liquidation. As important decisions are made, it is also crucial that decisions are correct as they may be blamed and actions may not be implemented or can lead to damage.

Servando has a broad experience of participating in the entire chain of a general meeting, from the announcement to writing the minutes form the meeting and registrate the decisions at the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Servando ensures that deadlines are kept, laws and articles of association are followed, so that decisions made are correct and can be implemented without blaming.

The process

Together we decide the scope of the assignment and what parts you as a customer want help with, but we can and have experience from all parts as described below at the implementation of a general meeting.

- Preparation of a notice to the Annual General Meeting
- Announcement of notice in The Official Swedish Gazette (Sw. PoIT) and daily press
- Distribution of notice to owners according to the share register
- Preparation of the Annual General Meeting
- Receipt of notifications to the meeting
- Preparation of agenda with the Board's proposal for a decision
- Development of manuscript to the chairman to chair the meeting
- Implementation of the meeting with attendance and voting rights control
- Preparation of minutes
- Registration of any decisions requiring registration

How do I order?

The Service is ordered via email to or by calling us on +46(0)8-545 66 130.

Each assignment is customized according to the customer's wishes and needs and is charged on a current acount at SEK 1 400 per hour.