Tax registration


Servando assist with registration for corporate tax (F-tax), registration for VAT and as an employer.

To be registered for corporate tax (F-tax) is a quality sign for the company and shows the company fulfill their tax payments. Without registration for F-tax delivered services could be taxed as sallary which could be expensive both for the company and the company´s customer or clients. We recommend all companies to register for tax at the same moment as the company is founded or a shelf company is purchased.

Registration for VAT is necessary if the company runs VAT based business, which are the most busniess activities. When the company is registered for VAT it also get the right of refund for VAT on purchases.

For companies with employees a registration as employer is also necessary to pay employer contribution and to make tax reductions on salaries.

Servando drafts the necessary documents for registration and can also investigate or give advice in these tax fields.