Shelf Companies

Josefine, Jenny R

Get immediately access to a new registered limited liability formed after your requirements and get assistance with all company and registration documents.

Order a shelf company by contacting us and send us the order form with all details for your new company.

Servando´s consultants can answer any questions or give advice regarding the company setup or registration process and acts as project leader.

Servando´s handling is allways fast and drafted documents are delivered directly upon order. After reply of signed company, registration documents and a bank certificate the registration documents will be directly forwarded to the Companies Registration Office (Sw Bolagsverket). At the same time a general power of attorney is issued for the new directors to act on behalf of the company.

All documents are delivered through the digital board system, Boardeaser, which contains an archive, e signatures and possibillities to hold digital board meetings and more. One year free subscription is included.

Servando can also assist with the tax registration for the company. All documents could of course been drafted in both Swedish and English.

Servando guarantee that the shelf companies never run any business or been used by another client. The companies never have any debts and always have a ful share capital at the date for the purchase.