Josefine, Jenny R

We have experience from all types of mergers and assist you with decisions, registration, information to creditors, project leading and notices of deadlines.

Servando can assist you through all kinds of mergers. The most common merger is absorption of a 100% owned subsidary. But we have experience also from apsorption to several companies or another then a group company or even to an established company in the merger, called combination. We have also done many reversed mergers when the parent company is merged to a subsidary.

The decision and registration process differs some between the different ways of merger but we will always assist to draft all documents for decision and registration, coverage for deadlines and project leadership with information to all included companies owner and board members.

When the merger is completed the transferable company is closed down and deregistered and the take-over company has received all assets and debts form the transferable company. A merger without any prevents will take approx. 3-4 months.

As an additional service to the legal assignment we can also assist with information all known creditors. We could also give advise how the merger should be accounted or handle from tax perspective.

Please contact us with information which companies you think should be involved in the merger and we will reply for a dialogue, asking for information and offer for an assignment.