Josefine, Jenny R

We assist in all parts for decision, implementation and registration of a fission. A fission means that an existing company will be closed down and divided into other, new or existing, companies.

A fission could be efficent if you as owners to a company want to separate your ownership, for example when one part couldn´t pay for the others shares. A fission could also be an efficient way to sell property and buildings because no stamp duty will be issued if the transfer is based on a fission.

Servando´s service includes assistance with documents for decision and registration, notices of deadlines and project leading with information to all involved companies owner and board of directors and also contact with the auditors.

A fission could be done to existing companies or companies which would be established through the fission process. Servando can assist in either alternative.

A fission without any obstacle will normally take approx. 4 months.

As an additional service to the legal fission assistance Servando can also assist with calling to known creditors. We could also give advice and answer questions regarding for the accounting or tax situation due to the fission.

Please contact us with information which companies you plan to be involved in a fission and we will reply for a dialogue, more information and give an offer for an assignment.