Capital Changes


Servando will assist with decision, implentation ang registration regardless if your situation is issue of shares, shareholder's contribution or reduction of the share capital.

Servando has long experience from assistance in different kind of issues of new shares. We can take the role as advisor to discuss different solutions and answer questions and also the practical project leadership for decision, implementation and registration.

In other situations could we assist with capital increase without issue new shares, like shareholder contribution and all necessary documents for that situation.

We could also offer a service to reduce the share capital, both with or without reducing number of shares.

In close relation to these services we often assist to increase or decrease the numbers of shares in the company which could be useful before changes in the owner group.

At given circumstances and for companies with few owners these services could be charged with a fixed fee and in other more complicated situations or with a wide group of owners we could design an assignment at hourly rate.