Preparation for liquidation

Annelie, Jenny S

In addiction to the actual liquidation services in different ways, Servando can also assist in various completion assignments to get your company decomissionable.

In order to implement a fast liquidation, the company in question need to have a completely updated accounting and in some cases the annual report and declaration for a passed accounting period. 

Usually a number of transactions occur when the business is terminated and the company is dormant and time may have elapsed so that a annual account has been passed. Servando can assist with the fast establishment of financial statements, tax returns etc. to be able to proceed with a fast liquidation.

In other cases, assistance might be needed with the administrative aspects of ending the business, such as managing the termination of subscriptions and information to external parties, etc. Servando can also perform to quickly make the company decomissionable.

In our liquidation service, where you as owner are still the owner of the company during the liquidation, includes a legal liquidation consultant regarding the formal parts for decision and registration of liquidation. We can also assist with the administration with accounting, finicial statements and annual reports during the liquidation period, which means that Servando has more of a holistic assignment in the winding up.