Management of holding companies


We can help you with the administrative management (accounting and tax declaration) of your non operating business, i.e holding company.

By having administered thousands of companies acquired for the purpose of liquidation, we have gained a wealth of experience in administrative management of companies without any operating business.

The process

Whatever type of non operating business you represent Servando offers a complete administrative management including bookkeeping, reconciliation, preparation of financial statements, annual reports, tax returns, K-10 declaration, and statements of income. The fee is fixed by the range of the number of transactions in a year.

The service is suitable for those who have chosen to put their capital investment in a company, those with foreign ownership and no representation in Sweden, if the company is in liquidation, or for so-called fallow companies with a five-year waiting period before the sale at lower tax rates. The latter service is often combined with a so called fast liquidation after the five years of fallow.

Servando can also complement the provision of administrative management with acting as an agent for service of process and register the post adress for the company, which is required for companies without representatives in Sweden.

How do I order?

Contact us by phone, +46(0)8-545 66 130, or mail with your request and we will be returning directly to you for more information about your company. We are pleased to book a meeting with you.

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