Our clients

Servando works with all kinds of companies. Our services are of such nature that they are useful to all companies and do not need to be adjusted in accordance with field of business or size of a company.

Entrepreneurs and owners

Many of our customers lead and run their own companies. We provide legal services that constitute support and creates a sense of secutity, which enables them to focus on the business and the company's operations.

CFO or corporate lawyer

Many other customers are big companies where our services are often procued by a CFO or corporate lawyer. Our services can facilitate acquisitions and transactions, create effective corporate structure and relieve economics- and law departments with high work load. 

Foreign owners 

Several multinational groups and foreign owners request local contact and assistance to manage, for example Swedish holding company. They do not need their own office or representation in place and they know that Swedish rules and laws are followed. 

Auditors, accountans or lawyers

We call this customer category agents as they do not usually use the services themselves but convey or recommend them to their customers. It is consultants who appreciate being able to offer their customers services that complement their own supply but at the same time by a provider who they feel confidence for and who strengthen their own customers relationship. 

Common to our customers is that they all appreciate and value quality and service, which makes the choice of supplier important.  We want our customers to care and make a conscious choice of someone they trust. 


If you would like a reference to one of our clients with a similar profile as your own we are happy to provide you with this. For such enquiries contact our CEO Fredrik Ståhl.