Processing of Personal Data


Servando process a variety of personal data. We want you as our client to be sure that Servando takes technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

Controller and contact

Responsible for proccessing of personal data, "controller", is Servando Bolag AB, org. nr 556703-1066, and Servando Snabbavveckling AB, org. nr 556703-0548, Box 5814, 102 48 Stockholm. If you have any concerns regaring how we process your personal data, please contact Fredrik Ståhl, CEO, 08-545 66 134 or

Personal data and processing

Information that identifies a natural person for example name, personal identity number, address, e-mail address or phone number, is personal data. By "processing" means every treatment of personal data, for example collection, registration or storage. 

According to regulation

From den May 25, 2018 the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be introduced throughout the EU and replacing the previous Personal Data Act (PuL).

Collection of personal data

Servando collects personal data in different ways. For example if the person whom the assignments relates to, delivered this infomation to us in connection with the ordering and implementation of assignments. Servando also receives personal data from other persons than the registered person for example companions, intermediaries and agents. This information are collected by entering our web-based management system, on forms, by email, phone and letter. Personal data can also be obtained from various registers with public infomation, for exampel Buisness Registry and the register of beneficial owner at the Swedish Companies Registration Office or from credit reports on company or person.

Legal grounds

We base our processing of personal data on several legal grounds. 

Legal obligation - in accordance with The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (The Anti-Money Laundering Act) Servando are obligated to collect certain persona data to meet the requirement of customer awareness and control to be able to show that our assignments is not beeing used for money laundering or terrorist financing. 

Agreement - In case where Servando signs agreement directly with the person whose personal data are processed, the process of personal data is necessary to fulfill the agreement.

Legitimate interests - Servando usually signs contract with legal entities and not with the natural persons whose personal data are processed. Servando needs to process personal data which are necessary to complete the assignment, which represents a legitimate interest. 

If you want to know more about which regal ground we process your personal data, please contact Fredrik Ståhl, CEO, 08-545 66 134 or


Our main purpose of processing personal data is to complete orders and assignments, for example decide about and register new officers or owners. Where necessary for the implementation, Servando will forward these personal data to the relevant authorities. 

To fulfill our assignments we often process personal data for other persons than our contact in the assigntment the personal data for these persons is a prerequisite for us to fulfill the assignment. 

Personal data is also processing for customers to facilitate and streamline by for example web-based forms. We also process personal data to customers or contact persons in cases with the aim of obtaining feedback by for example web-based questionnaire or in general customer care purpose with follow-ups, relevant news as well as offer of new assignments and services. 

Applied principles

We strive for you as a customer to feel safe in our processing of personal data and for us it is important. We do everything we can to to be transparent about what personal data we process and why, not to process personal data longer that it is necessary and alos to minimize the collection of personal data.

Information to third parties

Servando only transfer personal data where required for the implementation of contracted assignment, for example registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and Swedish Tax Agency.

Servando has an agreement with every processor who process personal data for Servando. Under these agreements, these subcontractors also undertake to comply with applicable rules and Servandos instructions and guidelines for safe handling. 

Servando will never disclose or sell personal data to third parties, except if the customer or person has asked us for it, or what is required for the implemention of assignment. 

Data minimization

We processing personal data as long as an assignment is in progress, but also for 5-7 years to follow The Anti-Money Laundering Act and, in some case, Book-keeping Act. For personal data relating to recurring customers, these are treated for maximum 2 years. After these time limits, a data minimization is made in our systems and records of processed personal data. 

Your rights as a customer or registered

You are entitled to received information about the personal data stored on you at Servando. You can also contact us to request correction of incorrect data, data limitation or deletion of your personal data. If you have any quiestions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact us as above and you are also entitled to leave a complaint about our handling to the Swedish Data Protection Authority. 

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