Cookies, kakor

This website and our management system contains so-called cookies. A cookie is a small text file which the website saves on your computer. The cookie makes it possible to save personal settings and allow statistics about visitors.

You can customize and modify settings in your browser so that cookies do not save information on your computer by not accepting the requset of the use of cookies. In this way, you decide as a visitor to our website if you want to accept or reject cookies.

The purpose of Servandos´ use of cookies is to improve the user experience of the website by remembering settings and pre-filled forms (session cookies) and and to get statistics about our visitors' behavior on the website (analys-cookies).

We use statistics  for analytical purposes to get better knowledge of our visitors to improve content and make the page more user-friendly. Example of information that we use is where the visitors come from, which keywords are used and which are the most visited pages. The information is gathered and used anonymous. In this work, the Servando uses Google Analytics.

According to the Electronic Communications Act, all visitors are informed about the existence and use of cookies.