Business idea and values


Servando's business idea is to be a versatile partner in legal administration and practical corporate governance.


We want to provide services that support and help you run your business with efficiency, order and risk reduction and is time-saving for you as a customer. Our legal and financial services support you, regardless if your business is in a start up-, change- or ending phase.

Our services provide a support for your company to have the best administrative prerequisites so that you can focus on your core business instead of administration.

For who?

We turn to small entrepreneurs, CEOs or owner of growing companies, as well as CFOs or company lawyers in large companies or company groups. Many other consultants also recommend us to their customers to complement their own range with a professional actor.

We also turn to other consultants for subconsulting assignments or intermediation. We help you as a consultant to complement your own range and increase customer satisfaction.

Common to all our customers is that they are aware of what services and suppliers they hire and make a conscious choice, that results in high demands on us as partners which we consider to be positive for both us and customers. 


Our ambition is to always deliver all services with the highest quality. We cherish a personal relationship with our customers and it is important for us to create an enviorment so that you want to ask us questions and ask for advice so that the service customize to your needs and desires.

Our wide scope of working within corporate law, accounting, auditing, taxation and corporate administration for so long that Servando has give us experience that results in  skills that is hard to find elsewhere.

Most of our services are delivered after a clear description at fixed prices where the benefit will always be greater than our fee. For more complex assignments, fees are paid on a current account.

Our values?

The most important thing is that all employees share a common interest and commitment to providing you with the best possible services and benefits. We are driven by a will and satisfaction when we know and receive feedback that shows that our services have led to increased profitability for you as a customer.

We have an organisational culture characterised by professionalism through high compentence and responsibility in combination with a prestigeless working environment and relationship to clients and employees. We work on four basis values: Profitable, competent and safe, personal and responsive.

In conclusion, we believe that well-being and healthy employees feel better and perform better thats is why we invest in workouts, joint training activities, motion, ergonomics, and a balance of life between work and leisure through some flexibility in working hours and workplace.