About Servando


Every employee at Servando have different education and experience in corporate law and economics, but the same will and commitment to provide our clients the best services in legal administration.

In our role as consultants we want to provide you with customer service of high quality in a personal way.

During our 20 years in the business we have built a solid experience. Servandos´competence is build by each employees education and previous experience in law and economics, but also by our customers who constantly makes us develpe.

What separates us form other consultants within legal administration is our personal service. We always do everything we can to deliver efficient services that make it easier for you as a customer. We have a great commitment to providing and delivering services that are profitable for you as a customer.

We aim for a continous and organic growth by increasing our volumes and broadening the scope of our services. That also gives us further experiences and competences which makes us even better.

On our website you will find quotes from customers as a taste of the reviews we usually get.