Your partner in legal administration


Servando provides professional legal and economic company services at fixed rates with the highest quality and service.

Servandos company services facilitates and rationalises the administrative management of your company, regardless if your business is in a start up-, change- or ending phase. Since our start over ten years ago, we have gained a broad experience and competence. In combination with attention to details and a commitment to our work, we can provide services of the highest quality with a personal delivery.

  • Start

    Through our shelf companies we help you with an immediate start of your business. We draw up all the documents and handle all the communication with the authorities. We also provide advice and answer questions you might have.

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  • Change and administration

    Servando assists you with for example changing the name of your company or its capital. Our assistance will provide you with a fast and correct registration. We also administer non operating businesses.

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  • Closing

    At Servando we are experts in liquidating companies, primarily through fast liquidations and mergers. We can also help you to prepare your company for liquidation.

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"The best thing with Servando is that they take care of the process and take it to the end. I can relax and get clear instructions of the next step and what to do. It is very nice with a reminder when I missed any details."

- Fast liquidation client